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The Clinic

  • Treats patients with high blood pressure

  • Provides a staff pediatrician

  • Offers ophthalmological exams

  • Teaches and provides dental hygiene

  • Operates a pharmacy, dispensing a vital supply of medicines

  • Provide community and public health training and education

  • Provides counsel during pregnancy and for the health and nutrition of infants/children

Our commitment to health care gained a permanent base in July 2009 with dedication of the House of David Community Health Center. Its founding represented a significant milestone in the development of FLM Haiti’s service that empowers. The center serves the communities of Thomassion, Laboule, Boutiliers, and Kenscoff.

The House of David is dedicated to the memory of David Robinson who gave tireless hours of service to FLM.

More than 5,000 a year are served in the Thomassin area alone. The clinic provides private examination rooms, as well as spaces devoted to public health education. It has an all-Haitian staff:a doctor, two nurses, a pharmacist, a lab technician, and a dentist. At least twice a year, visiting medical teams dedicate their skills during on-site missions.

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