Our Mission:

Helping Haitians Help Themselves

The mission of FLM Haiti is to serve in Christian partnership with the people of the highland areas south of Port au Prince. Our partnership and services empower the Haitian people as they seek to improve their health and quality of life.


Our Impact

For more than 30 years, FLM Haiti has been in the community providing dignity and hope through direct service, education, and health care. Our partnership has enabled the Haitian people to address critical needs in nutrition, safe water, health, and education, and job training.



Almost daily, our educators impart a very important lesson – that literate citizens can empower each other in the work of building a true democracy and functional economy for Haiti.



Years Serving communities

In partnership and service to the people of Haiti, we empower them to meet the challenges of poverty, lack of access to health care, and unemployment.



Thousand lives Impacted

We believe that committed partnership can help to lift the Haitian people and FLM Haiti encourages skills that make it possible for them to better sustain their lives.


Our Programs

For the more than three decades FLM Haiti has partnered with the people of Haiti. Our programs in education, health care, literacy, and personal development have been offered to empower the Haitian people to help themselves. Today,  more than 90 percent of the money we raise supports the employment and development of Haitian physicians, teachers, guesthouse administrators and more.


More than 70+ adult literacy centers teach 3,000+ Haitian each year to read, write and do basic math. Our government certified Pre-K through Grade 13 school provides education and meals to 650 students, preparing them to participate in Haiti’s future.


Our pediatrician, physicians, dentists and health workers offer medical care to a community of 30,000+. We provide for the general health and well-being of men, women, and children.


Excelsior Technical Institute (ETI) provides academic and vocational skills to equip Haitian men and women with the necessary plumbing, electrical, and computer/information technology jobs to rebuild and build a stronger Haiti.


FLM HAITI Newsletter no.1

“I’m better now,” says B. Rock, “I feel like I’m able to take a deep breath.” After receiving help from our Medical Team.

FLM Haiti Quarterly News Letter/ Read Full Article



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Involve your heart and soul in FLM Haiti’s life-changing mission. FLM Haiti is an organization of U.S. volunteers who support, in Haiti, a K-13 school for more than 600+ students, a community health center that provides care to hundreds of Haitian families each month, and literacy outreach at 70+ sites in 11 communities that teaches reading, writing and math to some 2,000+ young and adult Haitians every year.

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